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The Gym Academy is designed to help clients live a healthier lifestyle and reach their individual fitness goals by mixing education and hard work. In a unique setting at Batchwood Sports Centre in St Albans. The Gym Academy and yourself will work together undisturbed, to get you into a shape you can be proud of! One of the key factors of living a healthy lifestyle is having the right nutrition. The Gym Academy will educate clients to achieve their optimal nutritional goals. Making correct choices by sourcing the correct food, will have a massive influence on your health & wellbeing.



To gain optional results The Gym Academy trainer will educate you in many aspects of fitness, which should include general health and nutritional guideline. A consultation is a crucial part of personal training to understand your goals, current health and nutritional habits. The consultation process is a way for The Gym Academy to gather important information to build your training and nutritional plan that is suitable for you. The Gym Academy trainers are highly qualified and recognise their own expertise they will not hesitate to refer to another qualified professional, within the team, this allows The Gym Academy team to deal with a wider range of medical conditions. The Gym Academy put the personal back into personal training.



The Gym Academy can educate you to change these ongoing habits and allow you to improve your overall health. By hacking your environment and putting in new strategies to a better quality of life.

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